2022 Irresistible Direct Mail

Credit: Pixabay by ArtisticOperations

The past two years have drastically changed people, which means we need to change the way we market to them. If you are still doing the same direct mail programs you have always done, you are not getting the results you should. Make sure to take a look at the pieces you are getting in the mail, they are more targeted, personalized and engaging than ever before. Technology has allowed us to increase ROI! By adding technology, you can draw attention to your mail piece and create a wow factor.

Here are 4 ways to use technology to make your mail piece irresistible:

  1. Sound Chip: You can add sound to your mail pieces! Record any message you want, then when your prospect or customer opens it the sound starts to play. Most people have seen this mechanism with a birthday card. Check out an example here. These are not super expensive and can increase your response rates.
  2. Video: You can add video screens to your mailers. When your customer or prospect opens the mailer the screen is right there and it can either launch automatically or when they push a button. Want to see how they work? Check this out. Keep in mind that these are on the more expensive side.
  3. Augmented Reality: You can have an image come to life and be manipulated by your prospects and customers with the use of your mail piece and a mobile device with an app. This is a very powerful way to engage them. Many marketers think that this is very hard to do and expensive, but it does not have to be. You can create a great user experience without breaking your budget. Check out this example. How can you create an awesome experience?
  4. Game: This is the most expensive option, but if you are selling high end items creating a mobile game for people to launch and play from your mail piece is a great way to be irresistible. You may be able to partner with a game company so that you don’t have to code your own. You could also save money by going with an old school game version like this. You can create game playing engagement for much cheaper and reap the increase in ROI!

The USPS has a website where you can see various way to make your direct mail irresistible. Making your direct mail irresistible, doesn’t have to be a big budget item. You first need to plan out what you would like to do, then figure out the costs. If they fit in your budget, you are ready to create your marketing campaign plan. You need to think strategically starting with your goals. Creating direct mail to be irresistible is a great driver of response when used correctly. Your best bet is to consult with your mail service provider; they will be able to help you with postal regulations and other aspects to save you money.

Keep in mind you still need to consider the basic requirements of good direct mail. A good list and a strong call to action are a must to drive response. If these are lacking, you will not get the response you wanted. Make sure to provide instructions on the mail piece as to how your prospects and customers can use the technology. Don’t forget to provide them with great content to view. If the content is not well designed or planned out then the whole process will be a waste of time. Are you ready to get started?