How to Connect with Donors via Tear-ific Open Gate

This fundraiser’s time is numbered. I’m about to tear it to pieces.

This cost-efficient and impactful fundraising piece is a wonderful mix of form and function, with nostalgic photos, a heartfelt personal message, and an integrated response card.

  • It’s a creative format that does not require a diecut, and is sized for standard outer and return envelopes.
  • The response card is integrated into the brochure and easy to remove. Fewer loose components to send.
  • Great production details, with tight gap in the gate and perfect crossovers.

For a stylish and smart fundraiser design, check out this week’s featured solution from the team at Excalibur Direct Marketing and Barton College. I hope you like the episode.

How was the Tear-ific Fundraiser Design produced?

Folding Style: Open Gate Fold
Design/Production: Excalibur Direct Marketing
Client: Barton College
Paper: 100-lb. Uncoated Smooth
Size: Folded: 8.75×5.75″; Flat: 26.25×5.75″
Printing: Printed 4-color digital
Finishing: Score, Perf, Hand Fold
Budget Rating: Low

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