Why Direct Mail Should Be Part of Your Optichannel Strategy

Credit: Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos

In a recent blog posted on duomedia, Erwin Busselot of Ricoh Europe, describes why direct mail should be at the forefront of a brand’s marketing strategy. It’s a medium that “amplifies the messages and calls to action communicated by other channels,” Busselot explains. Further:

… a third of campaigns using direct mail within a mix of channels see a rise in revenue, compared to 23% for the average British marketing campaign. That is according to the 2021 Driving Effectiveness with Direct Mail┬áreport from Royal Mail Marketreach and advertising research group WARC.┬áNearly a quarter of campaigns, 23%, increase market share when using direct mail and more than a fifth improve profitability.

Although direct mail has proven itself to be effective, part of its resurgence, Busselot writes, is partly due to the pandemic. Consumer behaviors have changed. As Daniel Dunn, founder of programmatic direct mail company Paperplanes, explains in the blog, the amount of time people spend online has increased, which opens the door to direct mail being a more cost effective means of communication.

To read the full blog, “Why direct mail should be your first call to amplify communications,” click here.