About Us

BRAND United is the connector between online and offline marketing communication channels. Our mission is to educate and equip brands, agencies, and designers with strategies to maximize the impact of their campaigns while helping to create a united brand experience.

A Unified Customer Experience Requires a Unified Brand Experience

Creating an engaged, loyal, and profitable customer base is the main goal for any company. For years, marketers have been navigating an expanding number of channels that allow them to reach prospects and customers in new ways. At a time when consumers are flooded with marketing messages at every turn, it is imperative that brands take a unified, yet customized, approach at each stage of the customer journey.

A unified brand experience requires not only a clear understanding of the images, sensations, and emotions marketers want associated with their brand, but also all the marketing and communications tools at their disposal. It is essential that these elements are well-defined, consistent, and apparent at each customer experience touchpoint; from the initial discovery and first communication through to the packaging, support, and beyond. BRAND United is intended to be your partner as you look to fully leverage every tool in these multichannel efforts.

Who We Are

BRAND United was founded by NAPCO Media, a leading information source for the markets it serves since 1958. With roots in various industries such as commercial print, publishing, marketing, consumer technology and promotional marketing, NAPCO Media specializes in the creation and cross-channel distribution of exceptional content.

Having built communities between our audiences and clients for decades, we have seen first-hand the difference it makes when a brand creates a cohesive, engaging and united customer experience across multiple channels. BRAND United’s mission is to educate brand owners and marketers on the omnichannel strategies and innovative technologies that can be implemented at each stage of the customer journey to create a united brand experience.

The Future of Marketing is United

At BRAND United, we understand where brands and marketers need to go and the application of revolutionary technologies that will take them there. This site offers case studies, research and practical tips from the experts that are comprised of data-driven insights from brands who have successfully implemented the technologies and strategies that are moving the industry forward.