Five Direct Mail Fun Folds for 2021

Credit: Getty Images

Are you ready to think outside of the box and come up with some new fun direct mail folds? There are a lot of different things you can do with direct mail to make it different, but one of the least expensive things is to change your folds. There are many creative, fun folds you can try. Let’s look at a few examples. My go-to place for fun folds is Fold Factory. There are a ton of examples to look at.

Check out these five fun direct mail folds:

  1. Rectangular Twist Fold – This is a really fun fold to pull open. Imagine what you could do with a fold like this. There are so many possibilities. This unique design is not seen often so it will definitely wow your prospects and customers. This can easily go into a 6 x 9 envelope for automation pricing.
  2. Modified Stacked Tulip Fold – This one is really cool to watch as it opens. Bold colors and images will really make this pop. Anyone who receives this piece will be opening it more than once just to see the effects. This one will need to go in an envelope that is not square in order to get automation postage rates.
  3. Double Parallel with Short Panel – This one works great for a self-mailer and you can customize the short panel for coupons and more. It really is a basic fold, but by jazzing up the short panel you can make it fun.
  4. 4-Pull Window Slider – Ok it’s true that this is not really a fold, but it is such a creative way to use direct mail that I had to include it. Everyone will be too curious not to pull the slider out and see your messaging. This would need to be inserted into an envelope for mailing.
  5. Envelope Iron Cross – This one ends up being its own envelope for mailing. You can add inserts if you wish for more messaging space. This is a fun and easy mailer make.

Which ones are you interested in? There are so many more fun folds to try. Your creative design can really make these folds pop. Give your prospects and customers a fun experience with your next direct mail piece. Before you commit to a design, reach out to your mail service provider to make sure that your folds and layout will work with postal regulations. You do not want to have to pay extra postage.

There is one more fold I want to highlight, that is the endless fold. These are super fun for your prospects and customers, who will flip through them more than once. You will need to put this in an envelope to mail, but imagine their surprise as they keep flipping folds. The longer they spend flipping through your mail piece the more your message sinks in. That really goes for all the folds, the more people engage with your mail piece the more likely they are to buy from you. So fun folds are not just fun but very effective. Are your creative juices flowing now? Are you ready to get started?