A24 Leverages its Fanbase to Launch Merch-Centric Membership Program

A24 has built a nice little community of cinephiles for itself. How many other film distribution companies do you know off the top of your head, let alone that you’d buy a piece of merchandise from?

Not only does A24 seem to have the innate ability to pick movies that resonate within the cultural zeitgeist, but it also does some pretty genius merchandise tie-ins beyond standard T-shirts or posters. It chooses items that represent a specific part of a movie or a vital part of its theme, and make a more memorable promotional item as a result.

For movie fans who have drunk the A24 Kool-Aid, there’s now a special membership program that gets them access to special products and other perks. These sorts of branded membership programs aren’t new, exactly — think subscription boxes for things like Marvel or Star Wars.

But, of course, this one has that particular A24 spin on it. And, thanks to Fast Company‘s Joe Berkowitz, we got a look at the exclusive branding experience without actually having to sign up.

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