Add direct mail without adding more staff

Credit: Pexels by fauxels

If your agency’s omnichannel marketing approach for your clients does not integrate print into the media mix (which it should), read on to see how you can offer direct mail services to your clients.

Don’t let an understaffed team or lack of mailing experience keep you from making the most of an effective communication channel that produces results. You can implement a direct mail strategy without adding staff with direct mail automation from Postalytics.

Take note: printed mail is not to be neglected. “Direct mail is still a $60 billion marketing channel,” reports Chris Lyons, president, and publisher of BRAND United, adding that employing advanced software and automation technology can help any marketer’s cause. When executed in a “smart” way, printed direct mail is an extremely effective medium that “can be up to 600 times more effective than your digital marketing spend,” Lyons says. That is eye-popping ROI (return on investment)!

Marketing Agencies That Lack Direct Mail Experience Can Be Wary

However, it is challenging for many agency creatives to grasp and understand the impact of a direct mail campaign from start to finish. Many younger, digital-centric graphic designers “Come in blind,” Lyons laments, “because people coming out of school are not being educated in direct mail communication and print production.” So, self-education becomes paramount.

“Mailers who are precise with their manufacturing, distribution, and database management can actually decrease their overall costs,” Lyons adds. Targeted digital printing enhancements, such as the use of variable data, are nothing new in the direct-mail sphere. Yet many marketers are not aware of how these capabilities work, how they can boost digital campaigns and their potential impact on sales.

They may also be wary of the rules and regulations marketers must follow to qualify their mail for the lowest postage costs. Designing mail according to postal service specifications and preparing the mail correctly are skills that some agencies simply do not possess.

Today’s sophisticated, data-driven innovations can provide the cleanest, most efficient, and most powerful mailing lists for your clients, especially for those brands that are leveraging outbound, electronic content marketing to create huge databases.

“Deliverability is crucial to print campaign success,” Lyons states, “and implementing the right software programs can almost ensure there is no wasted distribution.”

This article originally appeared on Postalytics blog page.