Aldi's Merchandise Taps into Loyalty and Works as an Extension of the Brand

Credit: Aldi

Last month, Aldi — the discount supermarket chain — launched a full line of branded merchandise following its successful launch of a streetwear-inspired apparel line in the U.K. Promo Marketing reported that Aldi has released apparel, footwear, drink wear, keychains, and a tote bag as an extension of the brand.

Everything within the merch line is also incredibly affordable — less than $10 — aligning perfectly with the Aldi brand. Promo Marketing wrote:

This is more than just adding the logo to a product. The new Aldi merch takes into account the brand itself and the customer’s experience to create a product line that works as an extension of the brand.


The supplies were available for a limited time, but for more information on the branded merchandise launch, click here.