All-Paper Old Spice Tubes Bring Sustainable Design to Deodorant Aisle

Credit: Getty Images by Sathit Koyram / EyeEm

Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble announced that two of its largest deodorant brands, Old Spice and Secret, were putting all-paper tubes on shelves at 500 Walmart stores across the US. In this episode of Package of the Week (POW!), let’s take a look at the Old Spice version of the limited-edition tube, and how it’s helping the brand achieve lofty sustainability goals — without sacrificing in the packaging design and functionality department.

The deodorant tube’s craft brown paperboard establishes a natural appearance that communicates “sustainability” to shoppers at first look. The vivid blue foil draws consumers’ eyes to the name of the deodorant on the tube, while the cylindrical shape differentiates the product from its oval counterparts in the personal care aisle.

On closer inspection, the back of the packaging clearly expresses that it’s made using 80% post-consumer recycled paper and is entirely plastic-free. This messaging ties into the environmental sustainability goals of both the brand and the retailer. Procter & Gamble beauty brands, including Old Spice, are aiming to use 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2030. Walmart operations in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan are committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2025.

The good news is the packaging doesn’t leave behind functionality. Even without the adjustable wheel at the bottom of deodorant, like on a traditional package, the consumer can easily push the product up from the bottom to top of the tube for use.

These limited-edition tubes for both Old Spice and sister brand Secret will serve as a test for Procter & Gamble to gauge consumer response to the new look and sustainable design.

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