2020 Study: What’s in the Average MarTech Stack?

Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus by Chainarong Prasertthai

We’re all familiar with the ever-expanding Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. The web of technologies includes thousands of solutions for ecommerce, advertising, customer data, video marketing, and more purposes. With so many different tools to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are essential and worth the investment.

In a new research report from Strata and BRAND United, we demystify the martech stack and reveal which technologies marketers truly rely upon, based on responses from an online survey of 262 marketers conducted this year. Entitled MarTech 2020: 5 Rules for Managing Your Technology and Strategy, this report provides valuable guidelines for selecting solutions that will simplify your omnichannel marketing.

Despite the abundance of new technologies, we found that most marketers user fewer than five pieces of technology for marketing processes – and 90% report using 10 or fewer tools.

Another important finding: Two-thirds of our respondents say their organizations spend less than $100,000 a year on martech. This fact underlines the importance of choosing technologies that support multiple channels, enabling marketers to reach consumers wherever they are most engaged – whether via email, social media, direct mail, or another communication touchpoint.

Check out the MarTech 2020 study to see how your technologies stack up when compared to those of your peers. Most importantly, we hope the report will help you streamline your technology evaluation so you can save time and money – and focus on your marketing goals.

Access the complimentary research report here!

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