Bear Naked Granola Pouches Empower Eco-Conscious Consumers

Credit: Getty Images by Eva-Katalin

Sustainability is a top-of-mind packaging concern for brands and consumers, and plastic flexible packaging has received its fair share of backlash. While flexible packaging has many environmental advantages, recyclability challenges have been a key issue. Let’s look at how Bear Naked granola is taking steps to overcome those challenges — and win over consumers.

Many of the sustainability perks of flexible packaging — including increased food preservation and use of lighter weight materials — aren’t visible to the consumer. However, when the packaging is made recyclable, it empowers consumers by providing them with the satisfaction of disposing of their packaging in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Through a collaboration with industry suppliers, Bear Naked implemented resealable, recycle-ready granola pouches that eco-conscious consumers can drop off at in-store recycling locations. From a design perspective, the packaging appeals to shoppers as well. Bear Naked’s distinctive orange brand color makes the stand-up pouches stand out on shelves, and the clear film window allows consumers to see the product they’re buying.

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