Best Friends Animal Society Delights Prospects With a ‘Puppy’ in the Mail

Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus by kobkik

Kanab, Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society is known for its nationwide work with shelters, rescue groups, and members to promote no-kill animal rescue, pet adoption, and spay-and-neuter practices. To get a bit creative with its messaging, the animal welfare nonprofit employed the use of a “Flat Sven” puppy in an oversized mailing, modeled after the popular “Flat Stanley Project.”

Puppy in the Mail

Special Delivery

The oversized envelope clearly stands out in the mailbox, not only due to its size, but also its message. The recipient’s curiosity is surely piqued, and the corrugated-box styling of the envelope adds to the overall effect.

Who Can Resist That Face?

The “Flat Sven” puppy is an adorable addition to the mailing that ensures the recipient spends time with the marketing piece, and will most likely hold on to it for much longer than other less dynamic direct mail pieces.

Sharing Sven’s Story

“Flat Sven” isn’t just a photo of a cute puppy sent to entice donations for the nonprofit. The letter shares Sven’s story, educates the reader about the organization’s puppy training classes, and provides recipients the opportunity to donate, as well.

This direct mail piece was a 2019 DMAW MAXI Award winner. For more information about this award, click here.