Bow manufacturer keeps brand visibility intact with domed logos

Outdoor sports gear goes through a lot of wear and tear, under any number of conditions, and expectations for quality and construction are high. What most outdoorsmen aren’t as worried about though, is whether the logos on their gear stay in place. That’s the concern of the manufacturer — and it’s a big one. 

When it comes to highly engineered, precise pieces of equipment like compound bows, placement and durability of brand labeling is particularly challenging. There are limited options for logo placement due to the design of the bows, and factors such as the vibration caused by operation and exposure to the elements present challenges for adhesive and material selection. When a leading bow manufacturer experienced ongoing issues with its domed logo decals dislodging during use, it sought a solution that would keep their name right in front of their customer’s faces — literally.

Moving the branded decal was not an option, so Empire Screen Printing set out to test a variety of material and adhesive combinations to find one better suited to the world of archery. Application testing was done, putting various labels through the paces of actual bow operation. Adhesive testing identified the best alternative, and both Empire and the customer had a high level of confidence following the review of the data. 

Since implementing the new domed logo application, the company hasn’t reported any instances of adhesive failure, giving them peace of mind that their brand visibility will remain intact. 

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