Brands and innovators show love for forests on Valentine’s Day

Today, environmental non-profit Canopy announced that 11 producers, innovators, and brands are showing their love for forests by joining the movement to transform unsustainable paper packaging supply chains and protect Ancient and Endangered Forests.

The companies that have joined Pack4Good today include more producers than ever before, including delfort, Seaman Paper, and James Cropper. Collectively, the producers joining Pack4Good today produce over $1 B USD worth of packaging each year. This uptick in producers and innovators joining the campaign indicates an encouraging response to market demand created by Pack4Good for more sustainable packaging options. Other companies joining today’s announcement include organic herbal tea company, Pukka Herbs, beauty brand ADA Cosmetics, and fashion brands tentree, Faherty Brand, and Sunset Lover, among others.

“Providing a truly sustainable and responsible paper packaging strategy to our customers requires that we continue to rigorously vet the source of our fibers and track our supply chain. The work we do with Canopy will ensure that we safeguard at-risk forests and confirm that the environments and communities related to the origin of our paper products remain prosperous and healthy,” said Ken Winterhalter, CEO of Seaman Paper.

Every year, three billion trees, many from Ancient and Endangered Forests, are logged to make paper packaging items like shipping boxes, food cartons, and lipstick boxes. The scientific community warns that at least 50% of the world’s forests need to be conserved and/or restored by 2030 to ensure global temperature increases stay below 1.5˚C and address the global climate and biodiversity crises. The time is now for companies to show forests some love by taking supply chain leadership.

“As a leading producer of specialty paper, delfort is committed to being a proactive environmental and social leader for the long-term positive transformation of the food and consumer goods flexible packaging industry. As part of this commitment, we have partnered with Canopy to take collective action to protect irreplaceable forest ecosystems,” said Martin Zahlbruckner, CEO of delfort. “We are dedicated to ensuring that rich biodiversity is protected and that we do not source raw materials from controversial sources.”

“What better way to show love for the planet than to commit to saving the world’s forests, biodiversity, and climate,” said Nicole Rycroft, Canopy’s Founder and Executive Director. “We welcome this new cadre of brands, packaging producers, and innovators who are ‘tying the knot’ with Canopy by joining the Pack4Good initiative to shift their paper packaging to circular, low-carbon alternatives that will provide both excellent packaging and preserve forests.”

Through Pack4Good, these companies are helping to make sustainable paper packaging the norm across industries by employing Canopy’s four R’s: Right-size, Reuse, Recycled Content, and Rethinking Raw Materials.

Today’s Pack4Good companies have committed to:

  • Reduce material use through design innovation.
  • Maximize recycled content.
  • Explore and bring to market alternative Next Generation fibres (such as agricultural residues).
  • Use FSC-certified wood when virgin forest fibre continues to be used.

Today’s announcement brings the number of companies with Pack4Good policies up to 371, worth 195.7 BN USD in market share. Canopy launched the Pack4Good initiative in October 2019. Its partners include fashion brands, beauty and personal care brands, printers, and telecommunication companies, as well as Next Generation Solutions providers, with more sectors and companies joining every day.

Sunset Lover, Faherty Brand, and tentree have also joined CanopyStyle, the initiative to keep Ancient and Endangered Forests out of the viscose supply chain.

To find out more about Canopy’s Pack4Good for CanopyStyle initiatives visit:

Source: Canopy


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