Brooklyn Museum Entices Bowie Fans With Exhibition Mailing

The Brooklyn Museum is New York City’s third largest in physical size and holds an art collection with approximately 1.5 million works. In January 2018, the museum wanted to message prospective and current members about the “David Bowie Is” exhibit that would be opening at the museum in March 2018. As the final stop on this exhibition’s international tour, this was an exciting experience for the Brooklyn Museum to share.

Brooklyn Museum Bowie Exhibit Direct Mail PieceWho Wants to See This Rebel, Rebel?

The direct mail piece included a letter that introduced the exhibit to members and prospective members, shared member exclusives for it, and gave prospects the opportunity to become a member with a detachable reply device.

Let’s Dance

The direct mail piece included an inside scoop about “David Bowie Is,” what kinds of fascinating artifacts it would include, museum member and non-member ticket details, and of course featured an image of Bowie in one of his iconic Ziggy Stardust looks.

An Invitation to Suffragette City

The insert, again, used another famous photo of Bowie to snag the recipient’s attention and highlighted member benefits that could be enjoyed when visiting the exhibition at the museum.

This direct mail piece was a 2019 DMAW. Go here for more information about these awards.