Campaign Snapshot: Casper Bridges the Physical-Digital Divide

The mattress wars wage on between brands, but it has become clear that this is about more than just where you sleep at night. Casper, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) mattress start-up with e-commerce beginnings, has made a name for itself as a leader among brands bringing its digital success into the brick-and-mortar storefront. In fact, Casper now has over 40 physical locations plus partnerships with numerous retailers, bringing its suite of sleep products to more than 2,000 stores nationwide.

Part of Casper’s success can be attributed to its unique omnichannel marketing strategy, which has been a key differentiator for the brand since its launch. While Casper started in the mattress business, it has since evolved into a lifestyle business — one that’s centered on all things sleep. The tagline, “better sleep, better everything,” says it all.

And that’s exactly what Casper set out to do when it moved beyond just selling mattresses and expanded into other sleep products such as pillows, sheets, bed frames, and more. But it’s Casper’s brick-and-mortar offering that creates a unique experience you just can’t get online: actual sleep. In mid-2018, the Casper Dreamery opened its doors in New York City, providing 45-minute nap sessions for $25, complete with a Casper mattress and pillow, of course.

Not only has Casper found a way to create valuable experiences both online and offline, but Casper’s marketing is also uniquely adjusted to fit both digital and traditional channels in ways that many DTC e-commerce brands have not figured out yet. Casper utilizes nearly every channel available including, but not limited to, direct mail, email, digital, out-of-home (OOH), social media, and even podcast advertising.

Casper direct mail

Credit: Comperemedia

But it’s Casper’s use of direct mail that is particularly noteworthy. Instead of replicating its digital message, which focuses on the convenient delivery experience, easy returns, and mind-boggling small box that can hold an entire mattress, the direct mail strategy takes a physical focus to its message, emphasizing the product’s construction, support, and the entire suite of products available.

Casper direct mail, crossword puzzle

Credit: Comperemedia

In a December 2019 campaign, Casper brought particular focus to its core mission of promoting better sleep and relaxation by including a crossword puzzle, “the coziest crossword to ease your mind from the holiday rush with a puzzle.”

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