How to convert more free content downloads into qualified sales leads

Credit: Pixabay by StartupStockPhotos

“Gating content isn’t the problem,” writes marketer Brian Cohen in a recent LinkedIn post, “it’s what you do with the contact information after.”

Some B2B marketers don’t do nearly enough to make the names and email addresses of those who click on their ads and landing pages more productive and profitable.

In particular, they ignore this extremely effective conversion-boosting technique:

Namely, to automatically send via autoresponder a series of follow-up emails to everyone who submits their name and email address.

Purpose: to convert the maximum number of inquiries to qualified sales leads.

This neglect in lead nurturing is especially prevalent with prospects who have given you their information in order to download, say, a free white paper — or some other informative and valuable content lead magnet.

So, how do you structure a follow-up autoresponder email sequence to improve conversion from clicks to qualified leads?

Typically, we use a classic email responder sequence for follow up that has seven efforts and has a messaging sequence something like this one:

>> Email No. 1: Thank them for their inquiry. Remind them of why they requested your material, including the problem it solves, the solution it presents, and what makes that solution different and better than others.

>> Email No. 2: Repeat essentially the same key points you stated in email No. 1, using new wording that amplifies and clarifies those points, and adding one or two new sales points.

Why the repetition? Because people click quickly and often without much thought, and then may not remember contacting you in the first place.

So it’s important to remind them that they contacted you — so they do not think they are being spammed.

>> Email No. 3: Encourage them to read your lead magnet; stress the value and benefit of doing so; and also point to one specific and valuable tip it contains; and reference the page number on which that tip appears.

>> Email No. 4: Again, encourage them to read your lead magnet by pointing to a second useful and interesting tip, fact, or idea; and don’t forget to reference the number of the page on which it appears.

>>Email No. 5: Say what your product or service can do for them, and add a call to action, such as a discovery call, estimate, needs assessment, quote, or free consultation.

>> Email No. 6: Get them to respond now instead of later by using an urgency device such as a deadline, limited supply, discount pricing, free bonus, or time-limited special offer.

>> Email No. 7: Offer additional content that goes beyond or amplifies what is covered in the lead magnet; e.g., invite them to a free webinar, product demonstration, or to your exhibit at an upcoming industry trade show.

The objectives your autoresponder email sequence should accomplish include:

  • Make sure they understand that you are fulfilling their inquiry.
  • Engage them with the content they requested from you.
  • Educate them about your value proposition as it relates to their needs.
  • Promote a next step or call-to-action.

Your goals:

  • Maximize conversion.
  • Have a sales conversation.
  • Get an order so they become a customer.