5 Direct Mail Considerations for Generation Z

If you are thinking why do I need to plan mail for Generation Z, you are not alone. However, you should be considering them since they include people born between 1996 and 2015, so we are talking about adults in their early twenty’s as well. You need to know this generation better in order to target your direct mail to them. Keep in mind that Gen Z is estimated to soon become the largest US consumer population, your marketing needs to appeal to them. Let’s look closer and who Gen Z is to better understand them.

Who is Gen Z:

  • More racially and ethnically diverse than any other generation
  • On track to be the most well-educated generation
  • Digital natives who have little or no memory of the world as it existed before smartphones
  • They are politically similar to millennials
  • Ideas about gender identity are rapidly changing in the U.S., and Gen Z is at the front end of those changes
  • Their attention span is eight seconds

So how can we best create direct mail that will appeal to Gen Z?

  1. Augmented Reality/Video – This generation wants an experience, so create an interactive direct mail piece with augmented reality or embedded video. Since they are digital natives, they enjoy using their mobile devices with augmented reality. You can use mailers with embedded video screens to grab attention as well. Videos are not as interactive as AR but they are effective. You will need to create a campaign that is fun and useful to them, otherwise it is just a waste of time and your money.
  2. Design – Since Gen Z has a short attention span, your design needs to grab attention and convey your message quickly. Get straight to the point. Use colors, bold, and Italic print to highlight the most important words. Do not be text heavy, use images to help convey your message. Get creative and do something different.
  3. Reviews/Testimonials – Gen Z wants to see reviews of your product or service by real, relatable people like them. So, make sure to include a couple on the mail piece and for sure have a bunch on your website.
  4. Targeted – Remember that Gen Z has no patience for marketing mail that is irrelevant to them so you need to target the right offers. You can use data you have collected from interactions with them across other channels to find the best offers.
  5. Online – Gen Z wants to purchase online so give them the opportunity to do so from their mobile device. Direct mail as well as all your other marketing channels needs a quick purchase option, you can use short URL’s and QR codes they can scan on your mail piece to accomplish this.

Obviously, there are more than five things to consider, but these top five will get your direct mail Gen Z ready. Every new generation of people means we have to shift our marketing tactics and best practices in order to increase response rates. If you can use direct mail to tap into the interests of your Gen Z audience you have a growth opportunity like never before. This generation craves and authentic connection to your brand and this will build loyalty to you as long as you meet or beat their expectations. They want to get promotions and special discounts on the products and services that they are interested in, so give that to them. Are you ready to get started?