Direct to Consumer Marketing Leadership: Beyond the World of Podcast Darlings

Credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus by syahrir maulana

Direct to Consumer (DTC) is not a new concept, with early mail-order catalogers being the first to successfully revolutionize direct selling. These brands understood the power of data and measurement in building these enterprises, earned customer loyalty through superior products and customer service, and generated lifetime value. By studying those who came before them, current DTC marketing leaders have been able to grow their businesses from startups into powerful brands in their own right. These brands have risen to disrupt consumption and have created new patterns of consumer behavior that cannot be ignored.

In this webinar, experts will be discussing:

  • How the most successful DTC brands use innovative packaging as an extension of brand voice
  • The top trends propelling the DTC market forward
  • What the DTC consumer looks like, and how to effectively reach them

Come to this session armed with your questions. You’ll be able to submit questions directly to our panelists for a live Q&A session during the hour.

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