Don’t Present Bad Data to Your Boss

You can’t wait to meet with the boss and share your marketing results and 2022 plan! But before you make that fateful presentation, you want to socialize your assumptions to be sure they are backed by solid data. But when you seek out colleagues for their input, be careful who you ask!

A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.
Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Media Theorist

Watch Out for These 3 Personalities

Powerless Penny – You like this colleague who shows interest in your work, but doesn’t really understand metrics or how they relate to your marketing strategies. Even though well intentioned, these colleagues have no power in the firm. While the reinforcement is nice, you are wasting your time.

Anne the Advocate – This personality is always advocating for what moves their agenda forward. If your agendas align, then it might be worth their time, but often they do nothing to promote your cause. Know their agenda for your ask their opinion, then make sure it doesn’t bias their input.

Stealth Steven – Whatever the reason, this colleague does not want to see you succeed. They are not interested in making sure your data and decisions are correct. Watch out for someone who is very capable and knowledgeable, but secretly works behind your back to derail your efforts.

Seek Out These 3 Personas

Doubting Thomas – this colleague relishes being the devil’s advocate but is usually well meaning. Their demeanor and reputation for being negative make colleagues discount their opinions, but they often voice what others are thinking. You should seek them out because their comments are usually insightful, factual, and fair. If you hear them out, you can be prepared to address objections in advance.

Finance Fred – You should always make friends with someone in the finance department! Nothing kills your credibility faster than presenting erroneous financial KPI’s and misleading metrics. Marketers are notorious for embracing vanity metrics that do not show tangible and quantifiable results. By running your data and conclusions by someone in finance, you not only gain credibility from an important influencer, you also confirm that your recommendations and decisions are grounded in verifiable data.

Silent Sally – Sometimes the voice you need to hear the most is the quietest in the room. Introverts do not seek attention, but they are observant, thoughtful, and rational thinkers who may be less influenced by public opinion and confirmation bias.

Listen to the critical thinkers in your firm who will validate your data and ensure you don’t make bad marketing decisions. Then go crush that meeting!