Free PaperSpecs Webinar: Selling the Sizzle – A Primer on Restaurant Branding

If you’ve lived in your city for any length of time you know them – those restaurants that boast long waitlists and lines out the door night after night. So what makes them so successful? Great food? Exceptional service? Or might the answer be this: a truly well-thought-out branding strategy?

On April 29th, during the next free PaperSpecs webinar, Douglas Riccardi, owner of Manhattan’s restaurant-focused branding studio @MemoNewYork, will serve up the mouth-watering secrets to creating or transforming the appeal of establishments in this ultra-competitive marketplace using proven design strategies and best practices.

Twenty lucky live attendees will also receive copies of the indispensable Paper Menu Playbook courtesy of International Paper.

“There is so much more to restaurant branding, and especially menu design, than simply trumpeting the house specialties,” observes PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz. “It’s equal parts engineering and psychology: From creating menus that can be frequently and easily updated while still appearing sophisticated, to using the feel of the paper to create an emotional bond between diner and eatery. And then of course branding requires an understanding of the bigger picture – articulating each restaurant’s personality.”


Selling the Sizzle: A Primer on Restaurant Branding
April 29, 2021
11 AM PT
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In this free PaperSpecs webinar, discover how you can use proven design principles to sharpen your restaurant branding and menu design. Find out how to:

  • Build stronger connections between restaurants and customers
  • Create brand assets that powerfully hint at the dining experience your client provides
  • Use digital printing to keep menus and wall cards as fresh as the entrees

PaperSpecs webinars are developed to include inspiring real-world examples, highly useful and easily implemented tips, and cutting-edge perspectives from industry thought leaders. “Selling the Sizzle: A Primer on Restaurant Branding” is free for attendees thanks to the generous support of International Paper. Space is limited, though, so be sure to reserve your seat today for this special event at

Source: PaperSpecs

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