Amazon, Sun-Maid & Trolli Treat Consumers to Fall Packaging Fun

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As we socially distance this season, brands are getting creative to help consumers get in the Halloween spirit. Walmart, for example, put a spooky spin on its virtual camp series to engage families in themed crafts and games, and candy giant Mars Wrigley launched a month-long digital trick-or-treating experience. Many other brands are using their packaging as the starting point for their celebrations and activations.

From an AR twist on pumpkin carving to a video game featuring gummy worm avatars, we found three packaging innovations that are designed to give consumers something fun to do this fall.

Amazon’s Jack-O-Lantern Boxes

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you may have already received one of these “spooktaculAR” boxes on your doorstep. Shipping through October, the box features a blank pumpkin outline and a QR code to download the Amazon Augmented Reality app. After adding a face to the pumpkins using black marker, customers can then bring their designs to life using the app, as well as add fun accessories and colors to their jack-o-lanterns. Also notable: These themed boxes are made with a reduced amount of packaging material.

“The activity on our Halloween-themed boxes is a great way to reuse boxes before dropping them in the recycling bin, and they underscore our commitment to sustainability with a fun twist the friends and family can enjoy,” says Vas Obeyesekere, senior industrial designer with Amazon’s sustainability team.

Sun-Maid Glows Up

You don’t need AR technology to make your packaging shine. Raisin brand Sun-Maid released fun-size pouches of Sour Raisin Snacks and Yogurt Covered Raisins that glow in the dark, making them a novel selection for this year’s candy bowl. By shining a flashlight (or smartphone) on the packages and then switching off the lights, kids can illuminate the bats and spider webs on the pouches. It’s a simple but sweet twist for this Halloween candy alternative.

Trolli Gets Into Gaming

Ferrara candy brand Trolli partnered with PlayStation and Active Theory to create a mini game for gummy lovers called The Deliciously Dark Escape. The goal? To worm your crawler’s way into hungry mouths, of course. For access to the branded game, customers scan a QR code on the back of select packs of Trolli sour gummy worm products. Users also unlock a voucher code for a 14-day PlayStation Plus trial and a Trolli Dynamic Theme for PS4. While the Trolli game isn’t Halloween-themed, we think the QR code-enabled packaging will be a welcome surprise for young gamers while they’re cooped up this fall.

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