Hennessy Delivers a Premium Brand Experience with Luxury Gift Box

In this episode of POW!, we celebrate a winner of the PRINTING United Alliance’s Premier PRINT Awards the “XO FO 2020 Experience Offer” from Hennessy.

This Hennessy gift box, submitted by Leo Paper Products Limited, has an array of textural elements, including fine-line embossing and stamping, that wowed the judges.

All of the details on the gift box work together to create a cohesive brand experience. The brilliant gold on the outer sleeve and details on the box conveys a feeling of luxury, while the paperboard and rigid plastic inside keep the product safe.

Inside the package, Hennessy included its origin story, furthering its brand message.

The judges of the Premier PRINT Awards commented:

Wow, the deboss is excellent. It is worth mentioning the fine line emboss and stamp. This piece is really holding the details, it is flawlessly put together.

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