High-End Folding Carton and Flexible Pouches Create Tranquil Packaging Experience

Credit: Pixabay by 6689062

What better way to unwind after 2020, than with a cup of tea. This folding carton from Rishi Tea and Botanicals features an excellent design, and multiple embellishments that really elevate this high-end package.

The Milwaukee-based company was founded in 1997 and serves as a direct-trade importer of teas and botanicals from around the world, specializing in organic and socially responsible products. And just by looking at its packaging, you can tell that Rishi puts a lot of time and effort into its brand and product.

The first thing that jumps out about this folding carton is both the color combination and the selective use of white space. The illustrated artwork gives off the appearance of a watercolor painting, and the blues, greens, and purples really make for a tranquil image. Beyond the printing, however, Rishi’s brand essence is extended even further through tactile elements, such as the soft touch feel found throughout the carton, and through separate embossed attributes on nearly each panel.

Additionally, the use of gold foil in select callouts gives this carton a little touch of eye-catching pop that supplements the premium elements of the brand.

But what makes this packaging experience even better, is the care and thought that Rishi has put into the tea pouches found inside the carton. These pouches maintain a similar lavender color found on the exterior of the carton, and again use a subtle, yet highly effective design that extends the tranquility of the tea drinking experience.

Now, as a brand that touts its sustainability attributes, implementing a single-use flexible pouch may seem counterintuitive – at first. But, Rishi is quick to ease those potential consumer concerns with a callout that indicates that the pouches are made from polylactic acid, a plant-based, food-safe material, and instructs the consumer to check out the website to learn more.

A premium product requires a premium package. And what Rishi Tea has done with both its folding cartons and flexible pouches, is sure to call out to tea drinkers looking for a high-quality, relaxing cup of tea.