Highmark Health Gets Personal to Boost Response

Highmark Health is the second-largest integrated health delivery and financing system in America. To increase response rates, while also helping individuals 65-plus navigate the Medicare coverage selection process, Highmark decided to refresh the marketing campaign it had launched to support its Medicare products, opting for a personalized drip campaign.

Highmark Health's personalized drip campaign

Help First, Sales Later

Highmark’s baseline approach in its campaign — dubbed “New to Medicare” — was to be helpful first, before making any sale. The company reached out to those “New to Medicare” with information on how to enroll in basic Medicare simply and efficiently, and only later introduced them to Highmark’s own Medicare supplemental products.

A Kit to Get You Started

The mailing offered a free “Medicare Retirement Readiness Kit” that explained the options available and critical timelines. Along with the kit, there was also a free lunch bag offer included to further prompt replies.

Survey Says …

The personalized letter asked mail recipients to fill out a survey so Highmark would have a better idea of how to best guide them along the path to selecting appropriate Medicare coverage, and let them know that as a thank you for responding, they would be eligible for the free kit and lunch bag.

This mail piece was featured in a Brand United case study. Click here to read more about it.


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