Interactive Direct Mail With Augmented Reality Drives Response

Credit: Pixabay by geralt

Direct mail is a powerful driver of response, but now you can increase your response rates even more when you add augmented reality (AR) to create an interactive experience. The more engaged people are with your mail piece the more they buy or donate. People enjoy getting direct mail and really enjoy it when you provide fun with AR. With AR you can transform your mail piece into a real-life interaction. Consider all the possibilities and extra creativity you can use when you bring your direct mail to life!

AR has evolved over the years into a much more affordable technology. It used to be only companies selling high-priced items, such as car dealers, would opt to use AR to allow people to test drive or select options to choose what car they want to purchase. Check out what Jaguar did with direct mail and AR. Also check out how Vespa used AR to create a really fun way to increase sales.

Now though, you can see many different brands taking on AR to drive response. As the cost has come down, it makes more sense to use AR to sell cheaper products and services. Check out how Lego has created fun with AR. Check out Motley Fool’s campaign. There are just so many things you can do with AR and direct mail.

There are plenty of AR platforms that are easy to use even for beginners or companies with small marketing budgets. Such as UnifiedAR, Blippar, Overly and many others that allow its users to easily create a campaign in minutes. All it takes is uploading artwork and corresponding video or 3D animation for your campaign to be ready to launch. It really is quite simple and yet very powerful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use the USPS 2021 Mobile Shopping promotion to save 2% on postage at the time of mailing until December 31, 2021. You need to have the AR experience take them to a shop and buy option, but why not save on postage if you are already planning on using AR anyway. Take advantage of any postal savings you can get!

Don’t forget that by using AR you now have access to more information for tracking and allocating responses. You know who clicked, what they did and can follow up with them if they did not complete a purchase. You may also want to allow them to send a coupon or offer to a friend to make a purchase. Therefore, increasing your marketing reach as well as sales.

You can use AR on any direct mail pieces you send such as postcards, invitations, brochures, catalogs, envelopes, and more. They can not only drive sales but also donations. Think of how powerful of an experience you can create when donors get to hear from people they have helped or have options on who they can help after viewing multiple stories. This is way more powerful than a simple lift note added to your appeal letter.

Beating your competition is hard, finding new ways to use direct mail is a great way to do just that. A review into the effect that AR had on direct mail by the USPS showed interactive direct mail campaigns that were enhanced by AR delivered an increase in response rates from 2-3% to a massive 35%. Get people interacting and talking about your next direct mail piece! Are you ready to get started?

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