MarTech Tip: Choose Tools That Support Online & Offline Marketing

Credit: Getty Images by jayk7

Savvy marketers know the value of print marketing, even in this increasingly digital age. While social media, paid search, and other digital channels are low cost, they lack the high-touch influence of direct mail. Both online and offline touchpoints have their place in your media mix, and together they can drive greater ROI. In one recent study, 84% of marketers reported better marketing performance when direct mail was a part of their omnichannel campaigns.

Despite this fact, just over half of marketers (59%) plan to use their marketing technology for integrated online and offline marketing, according to a MarTech 2020 Survey conducted by BRAND United and Strata. The other 41% of marketers are missing out on the opportunity to enrich their offline marketing communications with the data-driven targeting and personalization that they already leverage for online marketing.

Figure 8: Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

The takeaway? It’s critical to design your tech stack to support omnichannel marketing. Multifunctional martech tools equip you to deliver a brand experience that’s on par with consumer expectations – whether they’re engaging with your brand’s email, mobile ad, or mail piece.

For example, one of our survey respondents plans to use martech to customize direct mail pieces for recipients in older demographics who are less likely to engage online. Data can also inform the sales and offers that you include in postcards to prospects and customers. Equipped with their purchase history, preferences, or other basic info (like a birthday), you can send more relevant, timely specials to drive response.

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