MB Financial Mails Big to Go ‘Small’

Chicago-area financial institution MB Financial was already successful with the middle-tier business segment and decided to aim for the small-business market. The “MB Is Me” campaign was created to increase awareness, and in the end enabled the bank to produce new business account leads and boost bank deposits.

MB Financial postcardNice to Meet You

MB Financial’s small-business initiative was very community-based, and focused on making the local branch managers the voice and face of the program in their particular neighborhoods, which included placing their photos on the outside of the folded postcards sent out to prospective small-business clients.

MB Financial inner postcard

Let’s Get Personal

Once unfolded, the postcard has a personalized letter, introducing the recipient to the MB Financial banking center manager for that particular neighborhood and shares what the manager can do for the prospect.

MB Means Business

Aside from introducing small-business prospects to the MB banking managers located in their neighborhoods who can assist them, the postcard includes two offers equaling up to $550 for opening up a checking account and credit line with MB Financial, supporting the fact that the bank is serious about attracting small-business accounts.

This mail piece was featured in a Brand United case study. Click here to read more about it.

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