Mi Campo Tequila's Contemporary Label Is a Key Marketing Tool

The spirits industry is booming with new entrants into the market. To catch the eyes of consumers exploring craft and artisanal products, it is crucial for marketers to take a fresh approach to their packaging. According to the report, “Digital Package Printing: The time is NOW!” 79% of brand owners say that packaging is a key marketing tool for their companies. Mi Campo tequila is a brand that showcases this sentiment.

Mi Campo burst onto the U.S. spirits scene with a fresh approach to tequila making, while maintaining a brand essence that celebrates the spirit’s history, along with the contemporary art and innovative culture of Mexico City. The company enlisted a Mexico City-based artist to design the high-quality, digitally printed label, which includes sculpted embossing and metallic text for just the right amount of flash.

Mi Campo’s label has gained some industry recognition, as it earned Multi-Color Corporation Mexico the Best in Class distinction in the digital print categories of the 2019 TLMI Label Awards. If you’ve seen a package that stands out, please contact Cory Francer at

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