Miracle-Gro Highlights Green Packaging for Its Performance Organics Soil

Credit: Pexels by Gelgas

One of the most important goals of packaging is to attract customers’ attention, convincing them that the product within is truly the product they should buy. This can be accomplished in a number of ways — depending on what is most appropriate for the product — highlighting everything from luxury to sustainability. But sometimes what you don’t see immediately can be just as important as what you do see, especially in regard to green packaging.

For Miracle-Gro’s Performance Organics all-purpose container mix packaging, the garden products brand opted for a sleek black bag to stand out on shelves that are usually packed with green and blue bags of soil. The black background on the flexible pouch makes the white and yellow copy pop, and the hibiscus and tomato images become instant attention-grabbers for avid gardeners.

But perhaps something even more important, especially to gardeners, is the company’s decision to use green packaging for its selection of Performance Organics soil. The flexible pouch is made with I’m Green bio-based plastic. Developed by Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem, I’m Green uses polyethylene derived from sugarcane, improving the recyclability of the package, while not sacrificing durability and printability.

So, while gardeners can trust that these bio-based plastic bags are hefty enough to stand up to the weight of the soil, Miracle-Gro can trust that the packaging design supports its branding. It’s a win for everyone.

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