Mr. Bubble Plays With Nostalgia in Fun 60th Anniversary Packaging

Credit: PR Newswire by The Village Company

In this episode of POW!, we take a look at the Mr. Bubble limited-edition 60th anniversary powder bubble bath box sent to Packaging Impressions by The Village Company (TVC).

In an email to Packaging Impressions, TVC explained, “This vintage take resonates with our eco-friendly consumer today; the formula is waterless, the box is recyclable, and the packaging dramatically reduces the use of plastic. The paperboard box was sustainably sourced and is made up of Forest Stewardship Council-certified material. The box is printed on an offset press using soy-based inks that match the historic Mr. Bubble artwork.”

TVC further explained that the brand name, logo, and original packaging were created by Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Campbell Mithun agency. Originally, the character was a four-color line art, but evolved to its full-color 3D form. TVC continued:

“When we decided to bring the Powder Bubble Bath box back, we wanted to ensure we duplicated not only the original character illustration on box, but the overall box design as well. To recreate the historic box, we worked with an illustrator at Spectrum Studio (This agency is also located in Minneapolis.) to illustrate the image of the young boy on the front of the box and the image of the woman on the back. The illustrator did an amazing job bringing the original artwork back to life. We focused on every detail, from the drawing of the Mr. Bubble character down to the colors used in the box design.”


This nostalgic packaging brought back plenty of memories for me.

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