NB Pure and Earthy Andy: A Match Made in Wellness Heaven 

Increasingly, brands are looking for ways to grab a buyer’s attention. So, what better way to do that than to collaborate with someone who has the attention of 1.3 million loyal followers on social media?

That’s exactly what NB Pure, a supplement company dedicated to improving the lives of customers through a natural approach to health and wellness did with Andrea Hanneman — who is better known by her online persona, Earthy Andy. Hanneman is a wellness author and influencer with more than 1 million Instagram followers and more than 60,000 subscribers on YouTube. Now on NB Pure’s website, buyers can find Earthy Andy Plant Powered Protein.

According to RJ Carvis, the director of marketing for NB Pure, talks of the collaboration began two years ago between CEO Danna Pratte and Hannemann when Pratte noticed that the influencer was using and talking about NB Pure’s products.

“We like to say that a match made in wellness happened, it was a process, but it’s finally come to fruition and it’s great to see,” Carvis said.

In addition to working with a brand that aligns so closely with the values of NB Pure, Carvis said that one of his favorite things about the collaboration is that they got to go outside of the box in terms of design, packaging, color palettes etc.

The Earthy Andy Plant Powered Protein packaging gives off an immediate laid-back bohemian, beachy vibe with earth tones and sleek, simple graphics that emit a sort of yearning to go put your toes in the sand.

“We wanted the packaging to reflect Andy and her values, we wanted this packaging to emphasize that she and her family live this really awesome simplistic lifestyle,” Carvis said. “You know her and her family are very into surfing and she even told me her kids would be so excited if we could incorporate some kind of wave or surfing element and I was immediately like ‘I think we should do that.’”

Carvis also mentioned that for the color scheme, they decided to stick with Hanneman’s already established color palette that she uses for her cookbooks so that it could easily be recognized by her avid followers.

While NB Pure has done social media partnerships with influencers in the past, this powder is the first ever co-branded product they have ever done, and Carvis cannot emphasize how amazing the experience has been.

“It’s been great honestly; it helps you kind of look at a new avenue. And, it helps spread the message of brand awareness not only of Andy’s brand to our consumer base, but vice versa, our brand to Andy’s consumer base and kind of opens up that dialogue of ‘yeah, I’ve been using their products for a long time. You might have seen me talk about them. Now we have a product together, so we put our heads together and created something pretty cool,” Carvis said.