Netflix Creates Immersive Experience to Celebrate Bridgerton Season 2

Credit: Pixabay by Tumisu

Netflix is no stranger to creating pop-ups, immersive experiences, and brand collaborations to promote its catalog of proprietary shows. Promo Marketing reported that Netflix has now created a whole line of apparel and merchandise inspired by “Bridgerton,” the popular series created by Shonda Rhimes.

In an article for Billboard, Rhimes said:

“We knew from the start that the clothes and fashion in Bridgerton would be a major focal point for the series, and it has been so satisfying to see the fans embrace it and incorporate it into their own style,” Rhimes said in a statement to Billboard. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s for this special Bridgerton-inspired pop-up where fans will have the opportunity to shop products and inclusive clothing inspired by the show and created by female designers and designers of color.”

In addition to the limited edition products, Bloomingdale’s also launched an immersive display window with costumes worn by some of the characters in the show.

Creating an immersive experience, such as The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s, not only helps promote the brand, but it helps to drum up excitement for those already fans of the brand.