Our 10 favorite new products from the PPAI Expo

Last week, Promo Marketing was live at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas! As always, the show floor is a bit of sensory overload, with so many products, displays, sights, smells (yes, smells), and literal bells and whistles.

But, after a few hours to get acclimated, we’ve gotten to take some time and dig into some of the new products debuting at the show this year. We’ve seen things in tech that accomplish new tasks, simple “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” ideas executed perfectly, appealing decoration techniques and more.

So, read on for a few of our favorite new products from the 2023 PPAI Expo show floor.

1. 12 Cup Drink Carrier from Bevee LLC

As you can see here, you can carry all sorts of drinks with this handy little device without throwing off the balance, meaning it’s a great choice for restaurants or hospitality businesses, or even just people looking to entertain thirsty guests with varying tastes.

2. Stash Pocket Sport Belt from Ariel Premium Supply

We live in a very fanny-pack-positive world these days. And we think that’s great. Because of that, products like this workout bag are not only socially acceptable, they’re downright fashionable. It has more carrying power than your typical armband, but isn’t as bulky as a full-on fanny pack.

3. Electric Lunch Box from Agraffes Innovation

Are you banned from using your workplace microwave after you nuked last night’s salmon? It’s OK (but please don’t do that again). You can now heat things up right in your lunch box, meaning you don’t need that microwave anyway.

4. Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch from Absorbits/Bone Dri

Most of us by now have left our phone in a bowl of rice overnight after we brought it for a swim or got stuck in the rain. That works, but if you haven’t gone to the grocery store lately, what can you use instead? The answer is this pouch that dries out electronics after they get wet. We can think of a few beach bars or water parks. that could use this as a branded product.

5. Pickle Ball Paddle Set from MAC Specialties Ltd.

We’ve been trying to tell you.

6. Bud Light Case Mate 12-Pack from Kanga Coolers

A cardboard beer case handle isn’t the sturdiest contraption. You can avoid the life of the party spilling out all over the concrete with this stylish and logo-ready carrying case. Thanks to the logo placement, no matter what drink your end-users are carrying, your clients logo is the one people see.

7. Smartphone & Tablet Stand GoDonut Plus from GoDonut

We’re not going to lie. We thought this was an ashtray when we walked up to the table, and thought, “OK, how are they innovating an ashtray?” It turns out they’re innovating the phone stand by making something minimal, charming and very logo-ready.

8. QR Code Wood Cub Decorated from Eyevertising

Speaking of simple, it doesn’t get much more simple than a wooden block. But, it’s a cool twist on the now-ubiquitous QR code menu that restaurants started using during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Six sides means more than just a QR code, too.

9. Custom HEMP Plastic CR Jar – 4 oz. From Cannabis Promotions

As recreational cannabis continues to grow across the country, dispensaries will want jars like these. But, it’s not just limited to the cannabis industry. Hemp is a popular choice for people looking for eco-friendly material, and a jar can be used for just about anything.

10. Ringsulator Drink Cup Insulator from AIRfeet – Life Changing Insoles

Writing your name in sharpie on a plastic cup is so uncivilized. With this product you not only keep track of your drink, you can keep your beverage cold. Plus, your clients’ logos stay visible the whole time.

This article was originally published on our sister site Promo Marketing. Check out the site for more coverage from PPAI Expo.