Ice Cream Packaging Redesign Makes Van Leeuwen’s Treats Instagrammable

When your product is competing with myriad other products on crowded shelves, stand-out packaging is a must. But that doesn’t mean your product’s packaging has to be full of graphics and bright colors — sometimes clean and subtle is the better way to catch the attention of consumers in-store, as well as online. As social media becomes more pervasive, brands also must consider how packaging will look beyond the shelf; it’s crucial to understand how products will come across online and in social media feeds.

One company that is putting its social media presence at the forefront of its packaging design is the Brooklyn ice cream maker Van Leeuwen. The strategy behind the redesign was to make its ice cream pints “very instagrammable.”

Van Leeuwen reduced its packaging to a simple motif highlighting the name of the brand on a single-color backdrop. The stripped-down design not only caught the attention of a number of users on social media, but also has helped the artisan ice cream producer increase its sales by 50%. If you’ve seen a package that stands out, please contact Cory Francer at