Key Pop-Up Direct Mail Formats to Consider

Credit: Pexels by Abstrakt

It’s time to have fun with your direct mail. Pop-up mailers are an effective way to grab attention quickly and offer a surprise to your prospects and customers. Once open, it springs to life! The basic concept is you have a special piece that mails flat in an envelope, but once it is out of the envelope it pops into a predetermined shape. There are some really cool things you can do with pop-up direct mail pieces. Let’s look at some of your options.

Pop up examples:

  1. Cube: These come in an envelope and once pulled out pop into a cube shape. You can use all four sides for your marketing. You can also add holes for it to become a desk pen holder.
  2. Gem: This is a fun shape with a lot of room for your marketing messages. These pop-up products attract attention through their unusual and unique shapes. They are a diamond in the rough.
  3. Ball: This ball is a great way to represent your company if you are in need of a sphere shape to represent your message. Lots of sport analogies work for these pop ups.
  4. House: These are great for realtors, construction, solar, roofers and remodel companies. Anything where you need a house shape to help convey your message.
  5. Jumpinjax: These are multiple boxes popping out. They are super fun when they pop out all over the place. You have a lot of room for marketing messages. Each box can highlight a message or provide specific details or fun facts you want to convey.
  6. Piggy: Ok so full disclosure I love pigs, so this pop up is my favorite one. However, depending on what you want to do this may not be the best choice for you. But I could not resist this super cute pig.

Pop-up mailers engage curiosity and are played with no matter which version you pick. While that is happening, prospects and customers are absorbing your messaging without even realizing it. These types of mailers are usually shared with others since they are unique and fun, so your messaging gets to more people.

Curious how these mailers work? Well, its basically folded cover stock and a rubber band. The wow factor is way beyond how they are constructed though. There are so many ways you can use these fun mailers to drive response rates. You are not limited to the 6 examples above either, there are many options and you can also create your own unique design.

Oh, and did I mention that these pop ups are usually kept much longer that regular direct mail. Your messaging will be around longer, so you may want to consider linking the pop-up mailers to a landing page where you can change the content with new offers or fun ways for prospects and customers to engage with you.

Your creativity can increase your direct mail response rates when it is paired with messaging and an offer that is relevant to the people you are sending them to. All 3 design, message and offer must work together for you in order to use direct mail effectively. So, segment your target list and get creative with these pop-up mailers. Are you ready to get started?