Rethinking catalogs in a digital world

Credit: Pexels by Kaboompics .com

A recent article from Harvard Business Review explored how various trends have caused brands to rethink their marketing strategies and spend. The article said,

“Increasingly, companies that are rethinking their strategies are turning to an analog method: physical paper catalogs. And it’s not just traditional retailers that are increasing their catalog investments either. Even online disrupters such as Amazon, Bonobos, and Wayfair have entered the catalog game. But does this mean that every retailer should consider a direct mail strategy? If not, when does it work best?”

In order to answer those questions, a series of field experiments were done with two large retailers and asked three major questions: are all product categories suitable for catalogs?; do consumers of different shopping mediums differ in preferences and decision making styles?; and what is the optimal balance between images and text?

The article further explores who should consider catalogs, how design should be approached, and the types of products best suited for a catalog strategy.

To read the full article “How Paper Catalogs Remain Relevant in a Digital Age,” click here.