Sleep Number Sees Direct Mail as a 'Huge Differentiator'

Credit: Sleep Number
In a recent episode of Total Retail Talks podcast, Joe Keenan, editor-in-chief of our sister brand Total Retail, spoke with Lisa Erickson, senior director of customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty at Sleep Number, about the company’s loyalty program and its use of direct mail.

Erickson explains that the company is differentiating itself by transitioning itself to be a health and wellness brand that “sells sleep.” She posits that some may question how there could be a customer loyalty program when most people only buy mattresses every eight to 10 years.

“It’s really about engagement and it’s about keeping you engaged with the brand and teaching you about health and wellbeing, so you’ll become an advocate for the brand,” she explains.

About four years ago, the company began retargeting web visitors to drive them into stores. When a potential customer visits the brand’s website, it will send them a direct mail piece within three days. The pieces aren’t promotional, they just invite the individual to come into the store. Erickson explains that with this initiative, they’re seeing 44% incremental sales rates.

It’s powerful to hear a well-known brand such as Sleep Number tout the positive effects and capabilities of direct mail. Coupled with a strong strategy and relevant data, brands can use direct mail to drive engagement, and ultimately, sales.

To learn more about Sleep Number’s strategy and the partners it worked with to power its direct mail campaigns, listen to the full episode now.