How Archer Farms Coffee Elevates Store Brand Packaging Design

Credit: Unsplash by Annie Spratt

Let’s explore how store brands can compete with their big-name counterparts using innovative and creative packaging design. In this video from Packaging Impressions, we specifically look at Archer Farms, a food and beverage brand found in the aisles at Target.

To compete for consumer attention, Archer Farms uses a variety of on-trend packaging elements in its coffee bags, including a matte black background, glossy imagery, and an eye-catching illustration that highlights the coffee’s origins from three different regions.

The coffee’s clean packaging design gives it a high-end appearance, while clearly showcasing the key information the consumer is looking for — including that the coffee is fair trade, organic, and a medium roast. Archer Farms’ quality design proves that store brand packaging can match that of national brands.

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