Survey Shows UK Consumers Prefer Paper Mail Over Digital Formats

Credit: Getty Images by Westend61

In a recent survey from Royal Mail and Accenture, it was revealed that consumers in the U.K. are more likely to read paper mail than digital forms of media, like email and texts, according to MediaPost. The results from the survey showed that 88% read customer mail, versus 78% for emails, 58% for texts, and 44% for app notifications.

Further, although 42% of the respondents were encouraged to go paperless, only 24% did. MediaPost reported the results of the survey also showed that 57% of the respondents feel they are less likely to miss something that arrives in paper mail.

Internet Retailing reported that Phil Ricketts, commercial director at Royal Mail Marketreach said, “Our research reaffirms Customer Mail’s importance in the customer relationship and demonstrates how it can benefit businesses looking to bolster their CX strategy. It’s an incredibly powerful brand touch point, which is invested with huge amounts of trust by consumers, but one where there is massive opportunity to further leverage its impact as part of the customer experience. When executed well Customer Mail can add both personal value to customers and commercial value to organisations.”