The 5 key values of list acquisition

Credit: Pixabay by geralt

You are in charge of marketing for your organization.  Quite a responsibility (or multiple responsibilities)!

SEO, social media, email promos, banner ads, website, and print ads and the list of your responsibilities seems endless. You have twice as much work as available time.

And one of your responsibilities is to find targeted lists for your prospect mailings.

Do you do the list research yourself?  This takes even more of your valuable time and also demands experience and expertise.

Maybe you can farm the list recommendations process to your advertising agency or marketing partner.  That’s fine if your marketing partner has expertise and expertise with the slippery sloped list industry.

What you may need is a good list broker!

A good list broker is your one-stop resource to help you find the best lists (postal and email) for your prospect mailings.  A well-seasoned list broker has relationships established with the best list owners and list managers.  They know how to steer you away from the bad quality list sources and the not reputable sources.

Here are some of the qualities that a good list broker should provide to you on an ongoing basis:

  • Your list broker should always be looking out for your best interests.
    • This is something that marketers assume is happening; but is definitely not always the case.
      Often, list brokers will recommend lists from their parent organizations (companies that they work for) first and foremost despite the quality and responsiveness of the lists.
      In fact, many times the companies that brokers work for tell them to front load their lists over the lists of other companies.
      Your valuable list broker partner should ALWAYS be putting your best interests ahead of everything else!
  • Personal Service?

    • Does your list broker respond to your emails and phone calls quickly?
      A good list broker will almost always respond to emails and phone calls that same business day or by the next morning at the latest.
      A good list broker is an extension of you; and needs to represent you regularly with fast response even if they do not have your requested information yet.
      If your broker is not getting back to you promptly, they may be out playing too much!
  • Expertise
    • Does your list broker have past experience in working with lists that match your target audiences?
      It is a huge plus to you if your list broker has a track record with working with lists in your target markets.
  • Your broker needs to be a good listener!
    • A good list broker takes the time to listen to your feedback and direction.
      Many brokers are great salespeople; but make sure that they take the time to listen to you.  This is invaluable.
  • Willing to Study and Learn
    • Your list broker needs to learn about your company and your products on an ongoing basis.
      Every company is different; and may need different list recommendations.

In summary, the relationship between the marketer and the list broker should build over time like fine wine.  Your list broker should be a valuable partner who proactively looks out for you with new ideas and recommendations; and helps you to avoid list booby traps and unreputable sources.

Your list broker should be one of your trusted business partners hopefully for many years to come!