Uno's Artiste Series Leverages Packaging for Eye-Catching New Look

We’re big fans of the classics, and will always have an appreciation for an iconic product or package that withstands the test of time. But when a longstanding favorite item is able to enhance its classic appearance with a fun or limited edition twist, it can help spark engagement with a whole new set of fans.

Uno, the legendary Mattel card game that has been entertaining families and players of all ages for 50 years, partnered with a variety of artists to infuse some of their recognizable style into the card game’s packaging and the cards themselves in the Artiste Series.

The Keith Haring edition of the Artiste Series was the second installation in the lineup following the debut, which featured art from Jean-Michel Basquiat. This exceptional packaging features a rigid box decked out in Haring’s instantly recognizable artwork that made him one of the premier artists of the New York street art scene.

Opening the box reveals more surprises with interior printed graphics that extend the art to all aspects of the package. The inner portion of the rigid box makes for a different visual effect as well, with the red blue, pink, and green figures appearing on a black background which makes for a great visual contrast next to the white backdrop that we see on the top panel. And of course, the Keith Haring themed printing extends to the instruction booklet and the cards themselves, extending the experience throughout the entirety of the card game.

I first came across the Uno Artiste Series and the Keith Haring box via the 2021 Graphic Design USA Package Design Awards. The package was recognized in the awards program, which honors the best in packaging design from across all market segments, and the Uno package was included in the selection of winners in the toys, games, and sports category.

The package was designed internally at Mattel, and the GDUSA award specifically highlights designer Michelle Compton, Copywriter Jim Lincoln, Senior Package Engineer Autumn Borges, and Senior Manager of Package Design Eric Josephbek for their work.

It’s always impressive to see how classic brands can utilize packaging design to engage with consumers. With its Artiste Series, Uno is sure to attract longtime fans of the game and newcomers alike.

This video originally appeared on Packaging Impressions. If you’ve seen an innovative package, contact Cory Francer at

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