WWTT? KFC Offers Game Day Wings Subscription and Sells Out ASAP

Lately, it seems like the major players in fast food have been keeping themselves agile when it comes to marketing in attention-grabbing ways, if not downright viral. Popeyes made a splash with its sold-out chicken sandwich at the end of summer, and now KFC — another purveyor of chicken — announced a game day wings subscription and sold out in one day. And of course, because it’s KFC and football season, there’s a very special Colonel for this campaign.

So, for $75, subscribers will be able to have 48 made-to-order wings delivered (or they can pick them up) every week for 10 weeks. Week 10 includes a Double Wing Bonus ticket, tossing in an additional 48 wings, bringing the total of the subscription to 528 wings. According to KFC, the Seasoned Ticket subscription is valued at more than $400 per Seasoned Tickets package. Oh … and the tickets smell like fried chicken. Because, you know … this is KFC, home of the fried chicken scented sunscreen.

KFC worked with Stubhub on the subscription promotion available to up to 500 fried chicken fans, launched the campaign on Oct. 17, and then promptly sold out on the same day. This isn’t surprising, given the value of the subscription, and KFC’s ability to woo customers.

KFC sells out of Game Day chicken wing subscription

The Seasoned Ticket subscription sold out in a day on Oct. 17.

Olivier Ropars, StubHub’s CMO commented:

“We’re always looking for ways to give fans an enhanced and unique game-day experience. That’s why we are excited to partner with KFC for the launch of KFC Seasoned Tickets, a really fun offer at a great value that only StubHub and KFC can exclusively curate like this.”

While there were only 500 people lucky enough to snag the Seasoned Tickets, consumers can still order the wings online for delivery or at KFC restaurants for their menu price. And sure, you can argue that 500 subscriptions aren’t that many — the revenue only comes in at $37,500 — but it will be interesting to see how this campaign boosts overall sales of wings for KFC, especially during football season.


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