Your customer shares with their peers the experience and positive outcomes they had by choosing your brand. Customers advocate in the form of reviews, posting about your brand on social media, and by word of mouth. Marketers can expand a customer’s ability to advocate by making the process as easy as possible and by asking for participation in the form of surveys or case studies.
Your potential customer realizes they have a problem or opportunity to act on, and their journey begins by indirectly learning about your brand. This is done through word of mouth, consumer research, and marketing campaigns. Trust and thought leadership are established through content marketing, events, media mentions, search, advertising, direct mail, billboards, social media and more.
Your potential customer has become a prospect and is evaluating whether your brand or a competitor is the solution they are looking for. This creates an opportunity for marketing and sales to work together to showcase why your brand is the best choice for their needs. This can be done through automated email campaigns, targeted content, case studies, free trials, direct mail, and more.
Your potential customer is in search of a solution to their problems or a way to satisfy their needs. They are actively learning more about your brand which creates the opportunity to begin developing a relationship. These leads can be nurtured through personalized offers for emails and newsletters, targeted content, retargeting, and more.
Your customer uses your product or service and starts to establish a preference for your brand. Continuing to nurture these customers is key for retention, repeat purchases and developing advocacy. Marketers play a role here by bridging that personal connection through community, engagement on social media, personalized email offers, and more.
Your prospect becomes a customer and has made some level of commitment to your brand such as a purchase or donation. At this stage, it’s important to make sure the conversion process is streamlined for the customer and provides a positive user experience. This can be enhanced with personalization on-site, in emails as well as on packaging design.
Your new customer has already made their commitment or purchase, but their brand experience doesn’t stop there. Providing immediate support and guidance to the customer without them having to initiate will enhance their experience. This can be done with personalized inserts, email automation or direct outreach in the form of tutorial videos, providing links to related resources, and more.